Software Consultant


Software Management

Microcode leads software groups in design and management –

Training developers to thing in Object-Oriented methodology and implement it together.

Acquiring new technologies and apply them in the projects. Build infrastructure and teams.




Hardware & Software

Control & automation is characterized as a Real-Time software.

Although small, the software is rich in content and algorithm.

We develop on small low-memory devices as well as on power processors -

Texas-Instruments, Freescale, Tensilica, Atmel, Microchip, STM and more.

Modem control using multiple DSPs is such a project.


Embedded Linux


Raspberry Pi Zero

The linux popularity is rocketing – low cost processors with free software.

It is a complete PC on a 3 components – A processor, a memory and a SD-card.

A made hardware (SOM) is so inexpensive that it is used as-is in the final products.

Microcode developed a Wireless Gateway using off-the-shelf cards –

Beagle-Bone-Black (Texas Instruments) and Raspberry Pi (Broadcom).


Wireless communication



Adding a wireless connectivity to an embedded product is easy – Wifi, Bluetooth.

Software deals with embedded stack as well as remote mobile application (android).

Wifi AC, Wifi Direct, and Wifi AdHoc were used in various projects.

Texas Instruments Simple-Link CC3200 is such a hardware component.


Internet-of-Things (IoT)


Bluetooth BLE

Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) is the leading sensor connectivity in the consumer market.

BLE devices can operate for months on a coin battery.

It is small and cheap but opens a huge range of consumer applications.

We used Texas Instrument CC2650 has human (mobile) tracking and identification.


Tcp/Ip communication


Network devices

Network communication is everywhere. It involves software and hardware.

Expertise in IP protocols is a close companion to software architecture.

Among the projects are IP-Switch, Power-Line-Communication, Wifi Access.


Radio Transceivers


Antenna Tower

Microcode participated in Wimax/LTE development for the cellular market.

The software deals with RF operation, calibration and MAC layer communication.

It involved close collaboration with RF, Modem, and System developers.